Since the barbarous attacks by Hamas terrorists on October 7 against Israel, I have closely been following the unfolding of the dramatic events in an attempt to identify avenues for a peaceful solution.

Despite being well-intentioned, my public statements have employed highly contested terms that might have hurt several people and, due to my academic status, might have been associated with my academic institution. It goes without saying that those statements are solely attributable to me and do not involve HEC Paris in any way. 

While it was not my intention to harm anyone nor to take a stance on a historically entrenched conflict, I might have come across as doing just that, and I am sorry about that.

As the conflict intensifies, the polarization around it increases. In this context, the conditions for a serene debate appear not to be met. 

In these circumstances, I find it more appropriate to suspend my public statements on the conflict. Ultimately, doing so may defeat the purpose of my statements, which is to reflect on a peaceful, two-state solution to the conflict.