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Europe’s Non-European Elections - 14/05/24 - PROJECT SYNDICATE - Alberto Alemanno questions the European nature of the upcoming elections for the European Parliament.
Unboxing the EU Body for Ethical Standards - 07/05/24 - VERFASSUNGSBLOG - Alberto Alemanno argues that the creation of the EU Body for Ethical Standards is a potential step forward in improving the EU ethics system.
«Il est temps pour l’UE de se doter d’un représentant institutionnel dévolu à l’avenir » - 22/04/24 - LE MONDE - Alberto Alemanno et Elizabeth Dirth défendent dans cette tribune la nécessité d'institutionnaliser la représentation des générations futures dans l'UE.
EU enlargement, reform and the missing citizens - 08/01/24 - SOCIAL EUROPE - Alberto Alemanno discusses the role of citizens in foreseen EU reforms.
The visionary legacy of Jacques Delors - 02/01/24 - POLITICO - Alberto Alemanno remembers Jacques Delors' legacy for Europe.
Future generations must be given a seat at the EU table - 04/12/23 - EURONEWS - Alberto Alemanno and Elizabeth Dirth discuss the need for future generations to be represented in the EU.
The EU’s ‘set menu’ membership model is failing. It’s time for an ‘à la carte’ approach - 10/10/23 - THE GUARDIAN - Alberto Alemanno discusses the need to reform the EU in the light of its foreseen enlargement.
Ursula von der Leyen addressing the European Parliament this week—yet to declare her hand as the parliamentary elections loom (European Parliament) Ursula von der Leyen—the accidental president - 15/09/23 - SOCIAL EUROPE - Alberto Alemanno analyzes Ursula von der Leyen's 2023 State of the Union address.
Yet, it appears naïve to believe that large amounts of public money for NGOs that populists don’t like will continue to flow unchallenged, especially as the new political climate could be very different after June 2024 | Olivier Hoslet/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Preparing for a post-Soros Europe - 24/08/23 - POLITICO - Alberto Alemanno explains the consequences that the Open Society Foundations' retreat from Europe will have for civil society organizations.
ALBERTO ALEMANNO « Il faut empêcher la Hongrie de prendre la présidence du Conseil de l’Union européenne » - 14/06/23 - LE MONDE - Alberto Alemanno plaide pour la suspension de la présidence hongroise du Conseil de l'UE.
Orban ¿Puede Hungría ostentar la presidencia rotatoria del Consejo de la Unión? - 09/06/23 - EL PAÍS - Alberto Alemanno aboga por la suspensión de la próxima presidencia húngara del Consejo de la UE.
Council Suspending Hungary’s EU presidency isn’t a sanction — it’s a precaution - 07/06/23 - POLITICO - Alberto Alemanno argues for the suspension of Hungary's upcoming presidency of the Council of the EU.
Democratizar el ‘lobbying’ para salvar nuestra democracia - 30/04/23 - EL CONFIDENCIAL - Alberto Alemanno explica la importancia de democratizar el lobbying en plena crisis de la democracia representativa
Participación ciudadana: ¿De verdad podemos cambiar las cosas? - 28/04/23 - ETHIC - Alberto Alemanno comments on citizen participation and access to lobbying, as The Good Lobby opens in Spain.
Opinion | L’éthique transparente et l’esprit du lobbying - 04/04/23 - LES ECHOS - Alberto Alemanno and Hugo Weber advocate for more transparent ethics in lobbying.


Alberto Alemanno, promotor de The Good Lobby: “Hoy día las empresas están bajo un control público sin precedentes” 09/05/2023 - EL MUNDO - Alberto Alemanno explica la importancia de la democratización del lobbying para contrarrestar los grupos de presión empresariales.
Alemanno: “El lobby se monopolizó con el interés particular de empresas y grupos” 30/04/2023 - LA INFORMACIÓN - Alberto Alemanno explica la misión de The Good Lobby y la importancia del lobbying ciudadano, tras la llegada de la ONG a España.
4 people are charged with corruption in a bribery inquiry linked to Qatar 12/12/2022 - NPR - A high-ranking European Union lawmaker is one of several people snared in a corruption probe by Belgian officials for allegedly taking bribes from a Gulf state.
«La doctrine Borrell», une conversation avec le Haut représentant 31/10/2022 - Groupe d'études géopolitiques - Alberto Alemanno et Adam Mouyal conversent avec Josep Borrell au sujet de son discours devant les ambassadeurs de l'Union et la première promotion de l'Académie diplomatique européenne.
Should European citizens dictate the bloc’s budget? 01/04/2022 - EURACTIV - MEPs and experts propose to scale up a city-level tool allowing citizens to decide how to spend a part of the municipal resources and let Europeans shape the EU budget expenditure.
Future of Europe: it’s not about Treaty change, it’s about European Democracy 18/12/2021 - REV DEM - Michal Matlak interviews Alberto Alemanno* in the aftermath of the publication of the first batch of recommendations coming from the Conference on the Future of Europe Citizens’ Panel. They discuss what representativeness – if any – this group of citizens has, how the recommendations are facilitated and drafted, and what impact this might have on the future of Europe.
condizioni per la nascita di un vero spazio politico europeo Rivoluzione copernicana | Ci sono (finalmente) le condizioni per la nascita di un vero spazio politico europeo 09/07/2021 - LINKIESTA - In coincidenza con la giornata dell’Europa, il 9 maggio 2021 si è aperta la Conferenza sul futuro dell’Europa. Intervista a Alberto Alemanno dall’Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa.
Professori Alberto Alemanno opetti kesäkuussa Firenzessä Italiassa Pandemia katkaisi kansain­välisen elämäntavan, ja nyt tutkija pelkää, että paluuta ei ehkä ole 26/06/2021 - HELSINGIN SANOMAT - Professori Alberto Alemanno pitää liian pitkälle vietyjä rajatoimia uhkana vapaan liikkuvuuden tulevaisuudelle. Koronapassista on aikanaan vaikea luopua, hän ennustaa.
sixteen countries are now using the EU's COVID travel pass These sixteen countries are now using the EU’s COVID travel pass (EUDCC) 16/06/2021 - EURONEWS - Sixteen countries have begun using the EU's 'Digital COVID certificate' (EUDCC) to enable their citizens to easily travel across the bloc.
The EU wants its citizens to shape its future. And fend off a euroskeptic surge 11/05/2021 - CNBC - The EU launched Sunday the Conference on the Future of Europe. Anti-EU lawmakers strengthened their support following the sovereign debt and migration crises of the last decade.


Los populares europeos aceleran su acercamiento a la ultraderecha en pleno ciclo electoral 28/04/2023 - EL PAÍS - Alberto Alemanno comments on the European Popular Party's rapprochement with the far-right in the middle of the election cycle.
Plan for EU ethics body falls short of parliament’s demands, critics warn 25/04/2023 - FINANCIAL TIMES - Alberto Alemanno comments on a proposed ethics body for EU institutions in the aftermath of the Qatargate.
Criminal complaint adds to Ursula von der Leyen’s Pfizer text woes 18/04/2023 - POLITICO - Alberto Alemanno comments on the criminal complaint against European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen.
Brussels Playbook: Qatar scandal hits Commission — Finland’s next PM? — VdL in Washington 10/03/2023 - POLITICO - Alberto Alemanno comments on how the Qatargate scandal hits the European Commission.
‘Invulnerable’ MEPs set to test EU’s bid to raise ethical standards  04/01/2023 - FINANCIAL TIMES - Alberto Alemanno comments the EU's ethical standards in the aftermath of the Qatargate scandal.
European Parliament corruption probe is a gift to the bloc’s critics 22/12/2022 - THE WASHINGTON POST - Four people have been charged on suspicion of money laundering, corruption and taking part in a criminal organization on behalf of Qatar.
Calls for EU lobbying rules to be reformed grow as corruption scandal rocks Brussels  14/12/2022 - EURONEWS - Calls to reform lobbying rules for European Union institutions are growing as Brussels reels from a corruption scandal involving the European Parliament.
The Qatar Corruption Scandal Is Rocking the European Parliament 12/12/2022 - TIME - A high-profile corruption case alleges Qatar bribed European lawmakers to sway policy.
Calls for EU reform after five arrested in Qatar corruption inquiry 10/12/2022 - THE GUARDIAN - The arrest of a European Parliament vice-president and four others linked to a corruption investigation implicating World Cup hosts Qatar sparked calls for “root and branch reform” in the EU institution.
Watchdogs wanted an EU ethics cop. They might get a scolding 01/12/2022 - POLITICO - Without enforcement or investigation powers, a new ethics body ‘misses the point,’ experts say.