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Qatargate : « L’insouciance éthique du Parlement européen a encouragé une culture de l’impunité » - 12/12/22 - LE MONDE - Le scandale de la « corruption » par le Qatar a exposé une vérité gênante : l’argent achète l’influence dans l’UE.
The Qatar scandal shows how the EU has a corruption problem - 11/12/22 - POLITICO - The Qatar "corruption” scandal has unveiled the inconvenient truth that money does buy influence in the EU.
Catar: do Mundial da Vergonha ao Mundial da Mudança? - 24/11/22 - TRIBUNA - Miguel Poiares Maduro assina com Jamil Chade e Alberto Alemanno, um texto onde advogam a necessidade de profundas reformas na organização de eventos desportivos.
Once again, FIFA has sold its own rules and values for money - 23/11/22 - POLITICO - Throughout the many scandals that have plagued this event — from corruption to human rights violations — the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has staunchly stood by its 2010 decision to organize the World Cup in Qatar.
Who guards the guardians in Europe? - 08/09/22 - SOCIAL EUROPE - European judges are taking legal action, given the failure of EU institutions to uphold the rule of law.
Professori Alberto Alemanno opetti kesäkuussa Firenzessä Italiassa Why Academic Ivory Towerism Can’t Be The Answer - 22/08/22 - VERFASSUNGSBLOG - At a time in which a worrying number of risks conspire to threaten the end of democracy and humanity – from climate change to uncontrolled new technologies –, to confine the remit of the legal scholar to the narrow boundaries of academic purity appears ahistorical at best, irresponsible at worst.
What have we learned from the Conference on the Future of Europe? What have we learned from the Conference on the Future of Europe? | View - 11/05/22 - EURONEWS - As the Conference on the Future of Europe just ended, Alberto Alemanno examines what we have learned from this unprecedented democratic exercise.
The Court of Justice of the EU goes (almost) public - 26/04/22 - Verfassungsblog - Thirteen years after the Lisbon Treaty, the CJEU continues to lack a fully-fledged publicity policy, albeit the growing public scrutiny over its work.
4 ideas on how businesses can be responsible for political lobbying - 02/02/22 - WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM - There is growing momentum worldwide to make business responsible for the ways it impacts the planet, workers and communities it relies on.
Conference on the Future of Europe The future of Europe: who holds the baton? - 27/01/22 - SOCIAL EUROPE - Political leaders must not turn the Conference on the Future of Europe into another EU black box.
French President Emmanuel Macron France’s EU presidency can lay the foundations of a new Europe | View - 20/01/22 - EURONEWS - "The year 2022 must be a turning point for Europe," French President Emmanuel Macron said in his New Year's Eve national address.
Professori Alberto Alemanno opetti kesäkuussa Firenzessä Italiassa Citizen Power Europe - 03/01/22 - Groupe d'Études Géopolitiques - In December 2021, two simultaneous events spoke radically differently on the conundrum of our age. The first, ‘The Summit for Democracy’. The other, the Conference on the Future of Europe.
The State of the Union speech was a big missed opportunity for Ursula von der Leyen The State of the Union speech was a big missed opportunity for Ursula von der Leyen | View - 16/09/21 - EURONEWS - The annual State of the European Union address provides a unique chance for all EU residents to get a sense of their lives’ shared direction.
The end of Euro-bashing - 15/09/21 - POLITICO - Euroskeptic posturing might win politicians votes at home, but it’s increasingly costing them on the European stage.
Releasing Europe’s democratic genie - 01/07/21 - SOCIAL EUROPE - The Conference on the Future of Europe might sow the seeds of a genuine European political space.


«La doctrine Borrell», une conversation avec le Haut représentant 31/10/2022 - Groupe d'études géopolitiques - Alberto Alemanno et Adam Mouyal conversent avec Josep Borrell au sujet de son discours devant les ambassadeurs de l'Union et la première promotion de l'Académie diplomatique européenne.
Should European citizens dictate the bloc’s budget? 01/04/2022 - EURACTIV - MEPs and experts propose to scale up a city-level tool allowing citizens to decide how to spend a part of the municipal resources and let Europeans shape the EU budget expenditure.
Future of Europe: it’s not about Treaty change, it’s about European Democracy 18/12/2021 - REV DEM - Michal Matlak interviews Alberto Alemanno* in the aftermath of the publication of the first batch of recommendations coming from the Conference on the Future of Europe Citizens’ Panel. They discuss what representativeness – if any – this group of citizens has, how the recommendations are facilitated and drafted, and what impact this might have on the future of Europe.
condizioni per la nascita di un vero spazio politico europeo Rivoluzione copernicana | Ci sono (finalmente) le condizioni per la nascita di un vero spazio politico europeo 09/07/2021 - LINKIESTA - In coincidenza con la giornata dell’Europa, il 9 maggio 2021 si è aperta la Conferenza sul futuro dell’Europa. Intervista a Alberto Alemanno dall’Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa.
Professori Alberto Alemanno opetti kesäkuussa Firenzessä Italiassa Pandemia katkaisi kansain­välisen elämäntavan, ja nyt tutkija pelkää, että paluuta ei ehkä ole 26/06/2021 - HELSINGIN SANOMAT - Professori Alberto Alemanno pitää liian pitkälle vietyjä rajatoimia uhkana vapaan liikkuvuuden tulevaisuudelle. Koronapassista on aikanaan vaikea luopua, hän ennustaa.
sixteen countries are now using the EU's COVID travel pass These sixteen countries are now using the EU’s COVID travel pass (EUDCC) 16/06/2021 - EURONEWS - Sixteen countries have begun using the EU's 'Digital COVID certificate' (EUDCC) to enable their citizens to easily travel across the bloc.
The EU wants its citizens to shape its future. And fend off a euroskeptic surge 11/05/2021 - CNBC - The EU launched Sunday the Conference on the Future of Europe. Anti-EU lawmakers strengthened their support following the sovereign debt and migration crises of the last decade.
Le pressioni della società civile costringono Pitruzzella a dimettersi da Aspen Le pressioni della società civile costringono Pitruzzella a dimettersi da Aspen 31/03/2021 - EDITORIALE DOMANI - Giovanni Pitruzzella, avvocato generale della Corte di giustizia europea, aveva preso parte a un incontro sui brevetti dei vaccini con Farmindustria. L’evento era organizzato da Aspen Institute Italia di cui era vicepresidente. La segnalazione di due ong al presidente della Corte ha avuto effetto.
C’è posta per la Corte Ue. Il caso Aspen allarma le ong C’è posta per la Corte Ue. Il caso Aspen allarma le ong. 30/03/2021 - EDITORIALE DOMANI - Giovanni Pitruzzella, membro della Corte di giustizia europea, era all’evento con Farmindustria di cui Domani ha scritto, ed è anche vicepresidente di Aspen Institute Italia. The Good Lobby e Corporate Europe Observatory hanno scritto una lettera per segnalare la questione al presidente della Corte.
Will COVID-19 spark reform of the EU's borderless Schengen Area? Europe facing ‘uphill battle’ with Covid vaccines as Italy blocks AstraZeneca shipment 05/03/2021 - CNBC - Europe’s coronavirus vaccine rollout has been thrust into the spotlight once again after the Italian government blocked a shipment of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines to Australia.


The Qatar Corruption Scandal Is Rocking the European Parliament 12/12/2022 - TIME - A high-profile corruption case alleges Qatar bribed European lawmakers to sway policy.
Calls for EU reform after five arrested in Qatar corruption inquiry 10/12/2022 - THE GUARDIAN - The arrest of a European Parliament vice-president and four others linked to a corruption investigation implicating World Cup hosts Qatar sparked calls for “root and branch reform” in the EU institution.
Watchdogs wanted an EU ethics cop. They might get a scolding 01/12/2022 - POLITICO - Without enforcement or investigation powers, a new ethics body ‘misses the point,’ experts say.
Brussels to propose rise in cigarette taxes and first EU-wide vaping levy 27/11/2022 - FINANCIAL TIMES - Bloc’s push to cut smoking rates would increase minimum excise duty from €1.80 to €3.60 per pack of 20.
Fight over migrant rescue ship sours Italy’s relations with France 16/11/2022 - FINANCIAL TIMES - Spat reinforces concern about Giorgia Meloni’s readiness to work constructively with EU.
Meloni trouxe muitos sorrisos, mas poucas respostas concretas de Bruxelas 04/11/2022 - PUBLICO - A nova primeira-ministra de Itália encontra com os líderes das instituições da União Europeia
Italy PM Giorgia Meloni hails ‘frank, positive’ exchange with EU leaders in first Brussels trip 03/11/2022 - EURONEWS - Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni welcomed a "very frank, very positive" exchange with European Union leaders in Brussels.
France and Germany’s relationship questioned as Scholz goes alone on policy 26/10/2022 - CNBC - Fresh tensions between France and Germany are challenging their relationship at a time when their unity is critical for broader European policy in tackling the energy crisis.
Olaf Scholz à l’Elysée : un dialogue amical et constructif, malgré les divergences 26/10/2022 - EURONEWS - le chancelier allemand Olaf Scholz rencontre le président français à l'Elysée
EU Influence: Broken science debate — Unlocking docs — Revolving full circle 06/10/2022 - POLITICO - Citizens’ access to documents is “the most concrete manifestation of the principle of openness and its corollary, transparency of the EU”