Letter: Set up common travel areas on UK-Ireland model

Financial Times - Alberto Alemanno, HEC Business School, Paris, France and Dimitry Kochenov, University of Groningen, The Netherlands - 29/01/21

The loss of the freedom to settle, work and travel on the continent has smashed the amount of rights associated with UK citizenship (Business Travel, Life & Arts, FT Weekend, January 23).

Yet the beauty of the fact that the rules for UK travellers have changed is that each EU member state might now renegotiate different rules with the UK. Such a bilateral approach might save UK travellers.

Ireland does not have to be the only exception. Bilateral travel agreements between the UK and all the other EU member states are possible under EU law and should be the way to go.

What has been lost at the supranational level could be gradually and selectively rebuilt at the national one: UK-Danish, UK-Dutch, UK-French, UK-Swiss free movement of persons agreements are the way to go.